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About the designer


When I was young, I always found ways to turn everyday items into treasures.  Much to my parent’s dismay, household items were taken apart and strung into unique pieces of jewellery.


While I never abandoned my passion for turning ordinary objects into extraordinary works, I began to study art theory and the way in which meaning is created by fine art, film and media at Trent University.


This study of cultural theory led to travels in Africa, Central America and Europe where I would return to my first love; working with tangible objects and my own two hands.  I apprenticed with various artists in stone sculpture and jewellery making with wire.


Upon my return to Canada, I began to make my own accessories.  Dissatisfied with mass produced jewellery, I wanted to create and wear original work that told a story. I began to string necklaces together out of belt buckles and vintage findings.  I loved to include the unexpected in a piece.  These unusual works received much attention and inspired me to start my own line of jewellery and belts that grew more diverse with time.


I am proud to say that most of my work still consists of recycled materials and a hearty mixture of earthly treasures and modern inventions.  I love to include semi-precious stones and shells in my work and feel that these natural elements contain healing power that is woven into each piece specifically for the person it ends up with.  The perfect marriage!  As a Reiki master I do believe that I am creating sacred imagery with my work, I will let you be the judge.


I hope you enjoy my creations and feel inspired to wear interesting pieces that tell the world a little bit more about you.



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